State of the Union for Healthcare: “Best of Breed” Is Alive and Well

Scott Smith
June 15, 2023

Contemporary EHR’s have evolved over several decades and offer clients integrated (at least within their ERH) applications to provide patient care. For years these specific EHR solutions adequately supported client needs and the need to integrate third-party solutions was minimal. The advent of new third-party patient care solutions (or “apps”) which are far superior to their EHR counterparts has dramatically increased the need for EHR integration. Forward thinking organizations who are anticipating new diagnosis and treatment break throughs are leveraging EHR architecture to introduce new third-party software focused on improving patient outcomes. Additionally, it is becoming more common for larger healthcare entities to leverage smaller “point solution application” software developed by themselves and the integration of these applications with the EHR is critical. The Red Rover Health team uses world class software to seamlessly integrate “best of breed” software applications with the client EHR’s.

Contemporary EHR software is essentially designed to be a “closed” system with limited options to integrate third party solutions or “apps”. For decades, if a healthcare organization wanted to utilize a third-party solution in conjunction with its EHR they’ve had to install HL7 interfaces which are expensive, limited, and take months to build. The advent of RESTful API’s has opened a new avenue for quickly integrating exciting third-party apps with EHR’s to improve patient care delivery. Of the major EHR vendors, only Cerner provides its clients with an integration path for third party software via it’s MPages solution.

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