EHR Software Falls Short

EHR software solutions are often designed as one-size-fits-all solutions, which may not align with the unique needs and workflows of different healthcare specialties or individual practices. Limited customization options can hinder [...]
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Red Rover Can Manage Your Integration Needs

Engaging an integration partner to handle your interoperability needs can be a practical approach for hospitals seeking to enhance data exchange and connectivity between different systems. An integration partner specializes in [...]
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Healthcare Innovation Teams

Developing your own software enables healthcare organizations to design a solution that aligns precisely with their specific needs and processes. It allows for greater customization and flexibility, ensuring that the software [...]
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Your Challenge

Our clients understand the frustration of trying to integrate their solutions with contemporary EHR’s. The time, costs, and demands on healthcare IT teams to develop HL7 interfaces present challenges for companies [...]
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Our Solution

Red Rover Health is tackling the challenge of true EHR integration by creating a specialized platform which provides web services in a secure environment thru a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to [...]
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The Challenge

The advent of world class “best of breed” third party software solutions (or “apps”) has driven the need for true EHR integration for healthcare providers. Doctors and caregivers are demanding that [...]
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The Reality

Contemporary EHR’s have evolved over several decades and offer clients integrated (at least within their own EHR) applications to provide patient care. The advent of new third-party patient care solutions (or [...]
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And an Added Bonus…

The platform also includes our own “Event Driven Architecture” (EDA) which compresses complex EHR information down to only what is needed – when it’s needed. Our EDA also normalizes data across [...]
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The Solution

Red Rover is a healthcare integration platform which leverages RESTful API’s to seamlessly integrate 3rd party software applications with designated EHR’s. The power of the Red Rover Health platform is it [...]
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