The Challenge!

The advent of world class “best of breed” third party software solutions (or “apps”) has driven the need for true EHR integration for healthcare providers. Doctors and caregivers are demanding that patient care information be delivered real-time and existing integration answers like HL7 and FHIR are either too expensive, time consuming or limited in scope to meet their needs.

The Reality

Contemporary EHR's have evolved over several decades and offer clients integrated (at least within their own EHR) applications to provide patient care. The advent of new third-party patient care solutions (or "apps") which are superior to their EHR counterparts has dramatically increased the desire for real-time EHR integration. Many EHR companies are pushing back on client requests to integrate “non-native” apps and have created technical hurdles to do so; a “best of breed” solution strategy is something the EHR companies see as a threat to their long term viability.

The Solution

Red Rover is a healthcare integration platform which leverages RESTful API's to seamlessly integrate 3rd party software applications with designated EHR's. The power of the Red Rover Health platform is it allows “best of breed” software solutions secure and predictable access to a health system’s EHR providing healthcare organizations with world class solutions to supplement their existing EHR.


Software Companies



Playing in the sand is fun!

Most companies prefer to sign up for our sandbox offering which provides access to a client non-production environment and creates the perfect environment for learning about Red Rover’s platform, tools, and features. Ready to play?


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John is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of healthcare IT experience and has participated in several start-ups. John began his career as a software developer at Cerner and eventually led Cerner’s initial Millennium integration team where his team created seamless integrations with third party “best of breed” solutions. After Cerner, John founded JASE Health where he led custom integration development for many healthcare IT companies wanting to connect their solutions to EHR’s. John is passionate about solving complex integration challenges through creative solutions.


David has over twenty years’ experience working in health systems to find new and innovative ways to help improve healthcare. Over those years David has focused on projects that provide better care for patients, improves the lives of clinicians, and reducing overall cost either in dollars or staff. David has decades of experience working with Cerner Millennium and has been building products that integrate with the EMR for the last 12 years, focusing on the workflow and patient quality applications. Healthcare runs on people, process and technology and David loves making sure that technology serves the process which helps the people.


Adam is passionate about knocking down technical barriers and improving clinician workflows. Adam has a broad range of healthcare focused technical, integration, workflow, and management expertise. Adam has over twenty years of experience in healthcare IT working for both software vendors and health systems and understands the unique challenges facing healthcare. Most recently, Adam has served as a consulting Integration Architect and has helped run several software start-ups.
Sara O'Sullivan


Sara has over twenty years of experience in healthcare IT on the EHR side via her roles at Cerner, a hospital system and later a healthcare focused IT software company. Sara loves bridging the gap between clinicians and software developers to create technology solutions that improve the experience of providers and patients.


Scott is a healthcare leader with three decades of experience as both a hospital executive and healthcare vendor. A Lifetime Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives, Scott has experience in both hospital clinical and financial operations and how EHR’s can improve patient care delivery. A passionate advocate for “best of breed” solution options for hospitals and physicians, Scott is focused on supporting an open platform approach allowing the best solutions for improving patient care to be available for all EHR’s.


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